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Whether in Jozi or Cape Town, we love providing the spaces and experiences for Curious Locals to connect. This week we chat to Welcome Mandla Lishivha one fine evening at CURIOCITY Cape Town

Welcome is a journalist, a doctoral candidate and author with an upcoming memoir, Boy On The Run. He enjoys walking in beautiful spaces, baking intricate pastries and curating the perfect outfit.

Favourite City in Africa

Johannesburg is the city that feels like home, but I love to let my hair down in Cape Town.

Dish you most enjoy cooking/eating

It has to be milk tart.

Freedom smells like…

Being able to walk freely on the streets without worrying for my life, having the means to travel, eat deliciously, and pursue work I enjoy doing.If I could create anything with my hands, it would be…

I am currently learning embroidery, and can’t wait until I can embroider complex and beautiful patterns for art to hang in my next home. 

A Joyful Noise for Mandla Lishivha is?

Welcome at CURIOCITY Cape Town’s Tuesday Sip & Sculpt Evening.

I love the sound of chirping birds combined with the music of the rustling of trees and a flowing stream nearby. The most soothing sound for me is the constant sound of water splashing on a fountain or waterfall. I even search for it as a track on YouTube.


Moulding clay while blindfolded at CURIOCITY Cape Town’s Sip & Sculpt one Tuesday evening.

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Our Sip & Sculpt Experiences happen every Tuesday night at CURIOCITY Cape Town at 18:00  and include an evening of wine and blindfolded clay moulding. So join us to sip some wine and unleash your inner artist.

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