Every great journey begins with CURIOCITY…

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September 2022 marks not the official start of Tourism Month, but we look ahead to Heritage Day too! 

With the release of this video, we celebrate our own brand heritage and the people who have been an integral part of the journey.

Every great journey begins with CURIOCITY…

Every great journey begins with a step, a glimmer of an idea, a moment of inspiration and a desire to wander, grow and evolve.

As founder Bheki Dube began his own journey in the heart of Maboneng and the CURIOCITY brand was born with the essence of storytelling and story sharing at its core – he shares the stories of some of the individuals and friends connected to the flagship destination in the CURIOCITY Africa portfolio.

Bheki Dube & Spook Lenzo

Maboneng is the original home of the burgeoning travel company that offers not only a variety of accommodation styles, rooms and spaces but also experiences, area immersions, and road trips. This building is steeped in history and has been a meeting place for the friends of the brand, those who have become family.

There is always a place for you at our table!

On Monday nights, you’ll meet “Spook Lenzo”, a prominent part of Maboneng’s community. Spook’s passion for traditional African cuisine and breaking bread over a Family Dinner setting is so much more than a mealtime experience; it’s a chance to connect, taste culture, and learn about African food (over a plate of “walky-talkies” or Makgudu) and spark up a conversation with other backpackers, locals and visitors to the city. 

By making his “Spook Munchies” affordable and delicious, he’s showcasing traditional food to international travellers to break boundaries and create memorable dining experiences. In addition, Spook’s pop-up kitchen at CURIOCITY is a not-to-miss event filled with music, memory-making and conversation.

Spook has brought authentic flavour, taste and flair to our dinner table; experience this for yourself and meet the man behind the meal.

Exploring the city together…

City Skate Tour with Ayanda

Ayanda gives travellers an opportunity to explore the city’s street art and culture from a whole new perspective, on four wheels… coasting through the avenues of Maboneng.

Under Ayanda’s guidance, you’ll see the city from a unique angle, learn to skate and get the ultimate city-streets photo opp on your vacation.

Ayanda’s reputation as a stalwart of Maboneng precedes him; his insight and lessons about Maboneng’s history have inspired many travellers through CURIOCITY destinations.

Movement, wellness and regenerative travel..

Getting active is a huge part of our culture – we are explorers at heart, and the courage to explore movement brings us to meet Banesa, founder of the nest and long-time friend of founder Bheki Dube.


Banesa found her light in teaching wellness through yoga to people of colour, intending to instil diversity in this space. You may discover Banesa guiding a meditation at CURIOCITY Maboneng or hosting retreats at FARMHOUSE58, a regenerative travel destination in the CURIOCITY portfolio – a space to reconnect with yourself in nature.

Banesa’s spirit has had an incredible impact on how we have brought a focus on health and longevity into our travel experiences.

With connection as a strong theme running through the veins of the CURIOCITY community, we meet Nirvana Nonkwe, a creative whose talents and energy have sparked new friendships in our far-reaching global community. Nirvana is an actress, singer and music producer on a journey to entertainment greatness. During your stay, you may just happen upon her performing live at CURIOCITY Maboneng or simply being a central connector of friends, industry and media in our community.

We invite you to connect our people, community, teams, and partners as you plan your travel journey and itinerary. The journey to greatness begins with the simple act of being curious, intrepid and interested.

Our company is a portal to discovery, a new way to discover South Africa.

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