The Five Core Values of Curious Travellers

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As an award-winning network of African hybrid hotels in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we pride ourselves in offering the best introduction to the cities in which we are based. The in-person and virtual experiences that we offer focus on connecting curious travellers with what is exciting, inspiring and real in our cities. We’ve been doing it since inception in 2013. The result – visitors leave enriched and enlightened with endless stories to tell. Our observations over the years have led us to believe very strongly in the value of travelling curiously. So, we have broken down the 5 essential qualities of a curious traveller. We hope that this will help you on your way to gaining the most from your travels in Africa.


Be a curious traveller by being curious. This may sound obvious but ponder on it for a moment.

How does one become more curious when they travel? A simple trick is to simply ask, “why,” more often.

Why is that building empty?
Why are so many people gathered there?
Why is this city here?

For us at CURIOCITY, travel goes beyond the aesthetics of a building and the natural beauty of a landscape. It is that but it is also so much more. We are custodians of the stories of the land (told and untold) and the stories of the people (seen and unseen).

When you join one of our curated experiences, you will notice that our guides are passionate about the deep history of our cities. Our Black Route Walking Tour in Cape Town is a good example of intentional inquisitiveness. It guides you through black spaces in the city. No one else does this.

You determine how much you learn by how deep you dig. We suggest digging deeper.


Being a curious traveller means being open. Don’t be mistaken, openness does not mean acceptance of every and anything. Openness still allows for right and wrong. Openness means allowing yourself to imagine the possibility that things might be different to how they seem.

Two people can walk down the same street in Maboneng and experience it differently. The point of view of the tourist who is visiting South Africa for the first time is completely different to that of the vendor who sells South African beaded jewellery there daily. Be open to learning of and from alternative perspectives to your own.


Engage with all kinds of people when you travel to reveal the different perspectives of the area. You’ll find that people are generally eager and excited to share their stories with you when you show interest. Share your story too.

Our hybrid hotels encourage engagement by offering shared spaces where you can connect with other curious travellers. Laugh over a drink at The Hide Out bar at CURIOCITY Joburg or bounce ideas off one another at The Common at CURIOCITY Cape Town. Unexpected connections and friendships are the best kind.


As you travel, you learn and you take from your surroundings. Be generous when you travel by always giving back. Choose a way to show appreciation for the environment you are travelling.

The topic of sustainable travel fits well here – that a place should be left in a state that the next person can experience fully too. They say that travellers should take only pictures and leave only footprints. We say, leave a place better than it was. Add value by leaving something good. 


Experiences have a way of nourishing the curious traveller. As you step out with curiosity and openness the world starts to look a whole lot different. Allow yourself to be corrected and to grow from your travel lessons. Share with others what you learn. Tell stories of your journey when you return home.

It’s true, being a curious traveller opens up your world. It’s a sure way to gain more while venturing through new environments. You’ll begin to realise more. You may even find yourself feeling more.

Welcome to the world of curious travelling. Now, join us for a city experience to put your new skills to work.

Heading to Cape or Joburg Town soon? Come stay at the first black-owned hybrid hotel in Africa (that’s us, by the way) and hey, you even get 15% off when you book via our site with code CITYESCAPE. Can’t wait to welcome y’all.