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Bheki Dube, founder & group ceo of CURIOCITY in conversation with Ondela Mlandu. Reflecting on a pastpresentfuture …10years of CURIOCITY and what’s next in the pipeline. spends 48 hours in Cape Town, choosing CURIOCITY Greenpoint as one of their exploration bases.
Bheki Dube talks about how African tourism businesses look to bridge the diversity gap in luxury.

eNCA - Entrepreneurship, My Journey

eNCA talks to the founder of Curiocity Bheki Dube about his challenges, ideas and future plans.
Beks Ndlovu talks to Bheki Dube about his aims, achievements, and future plans

Sunrise Australia News Segment

Presenter & television star Sam Mac from Sunrise Australia explores Johannesburg with founder of CURIOCITY Africa – Bheki Dube. documents Bheki Dube’s journey from tour guide to hotelier, and what lays ahead.
Travel Weekly spends a few days in JHB, and takes a look at Curiocity’s unique hybrid hotels, and FARMHOUSE@58.
South African Tourism company Sabaweli profiles Curiocity in their latest release.